what's next for mekaniko?

So, the TOKYO Christmas sale was last weekend. Hundreds of people visited our spot, sat in our chair and gave us amazing feedback! Also we would like to thank all the TOKYO people whose stands were next to us for their patience. 

Also huge thank you for everyone who believed in us enough to buy the chair! We managed to sell most of our stock and we are absolutely overjoyed for each and every sale.

What's next? After amazing reception at TOKYO sales and Slush we are definitely going forward with the chair! Next stop will be the Garden Fair next spring, and we're taking into account all the wonderful comments we heard during these last few days.

What now? After selling and delivering our chairs, the workshop feels pretty empty. That will soon change and we get to enjoy all this extra space only for a few weeks before we'll get right back into gluing, sawing, drilling and crafting. 

But we won't be doing that in the next few days. As we approach the centennial of Finnish independence, we at mekaniko are taking a moment to relax and honour this fine republic. Happy independence day! Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!