slush turns to snow.

It's amazing to create. It's amazing when people love what you have created. It was amazing to be at Slush.

Thank you everyone who visited our stand, sat down in our chair, bought our chair, chatted with us, gave us constructive feedback and to everyone who supported mekaniko during the months leading up to the event! Huge thanks to the Slush volunteers and staff who managed to create an event that made people hopeful about what tomorrow might bring! 

Slush might be over but this was just the beginning for mekaniko. In the coming months we will be refining the chair and streamlining our manufacturing processes. The mekaniko 2.0 will be worth the wait, we promise. 

However, while it will take some time to get mekaniko 2.0 out of our workshop, mekaniko 1.0 is still going strong. So if you're still in Helsinki and want to see more young talent and skill, come to Aalto ARTS Arabia campus' TOKYOs Christmas Sales (Hämeentie 135, Helsinki) to see our stand and test our chair! See you there!