sitting in slush

Slush is wet snow that slushes around in Helsinki from November to April. It's grey, it's dirty and it gets your socks wet because you are still wearing your canvas shoes that are basically coloured sponges with lacing.

We at mekaniko don't like slush.

Slush is one of the biggest startup and tech events in the world. Every year thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, media, rich folks, princes and former vice presidents of the United States of America gather in Helsinki to slush about. It's the event of the season. November means "month of the dead" in Finnish but Slush still manages to cheer people up. Not all of them. November is pretty grim up here in the North. 

We at mekaniko love Slush and we're going there this year.

So we're coming to Slush because we made chairs for people to sit on and we made them for Slush. For Slush people to sit on. Which Slush people? All of them, at least the ones on the Founder Stage. You can admire our work there for the whole of Slush.

Al Gore is going to sit on one. Yeah, that Al Gore. The guy who showed us that climate's pretty messed up and we should do something about it. Swedes gave him a medal for it. (UPDATE: Al Gore decided to stand during his speech, but he did touch the stand which was also made by our designer. Pretty cool!)

So, you can see our chairs underneath some very important people. However, it's not only for them. It's for all of us and we are also showcasing our chairs on the floor.  So, when you are walking around the event and your legs become achy and tired,  drop by Slush Store. Have a chat with us and sit and relax with mekaniko, in two different positions. 


IMG_6128 copy.JPG